(b)eauty from ashes



we are headed into week 5 here on base and it’s overwhelming for me to look back and think about all that I have learned thus far. it has already exceeded my expectations of just how much I thought I’d learn here.

that’s the beauty of our Creator.

I want to share a piece of what I’ve learned through each topic and maybe I’ll end up sharing more…praying that God’s the one typing today and that you hear Him through this post.

some like to call Discipleship Training School (DTS – what I’m doing right now)  – SOUL SURGERY. 

week to week, we are learning a different topic and just began (week 5) Lordship week.

week #1 hearing God’s voice. – get rid of your expectations and just listen and see what God is saying. DON’T PUT HIM IN A BOX, He’s far to big for that.

week #2 identity. – “we’re all just cracked pots telling other cracked pots about the Potter.”

God doesn’t just love you, HE LIKES YOU & DELIGHTS IN YOU! He wants to spend time with you and really cherishes YOU.

God isn’t just the god of our good moments. He is the God of our sin and trials and struggles. He wants all of us – the really good and the really bad. I don’t like my bad parts, but His power is made PERFECT in my weaknesses. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

week #3 character & nature of God. – before God created anything, He was already in relationship with HIMSELF – the Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). God has intended for relationships since the VERY BEGINNING.

week #4 clear conscience. – God know’s the desires of our hearts & will provide for that where He intends. He sees the bigger picture, and it may not be the answer I want at that specific moment, but in the end, it’s the best for me overall. just like if you asked your father for food, he wouldn’t go and immediately put a snake in your bed. He gives you what you need and has that Father’s Heart to see His kids happy.

God is not a god of condemnation, but a god of conviction. shame and guilt are not from God. yes, my sin does not make God happy, but dwelling and not accepting his grace isn’t happy either. realize that you’ve sinned, deal with it genuinely, and move on, Allie. there’s nothing more to it.

a lot, aye?

I’m still processing a lot more than just what’s above, but guys, God loves you RELENTLESSLY. 

nothing you do can ever change that. accept His grace, pursue His purpose and live your life abundantly.

I also wanted to share with you all kind of how our day’s work around here…

I have class Monday-Friday mornings, with a different topic each week. weekends are free, most of the time. unless there’s a place where we go as a class or something going on where we volunteer.

Monday’s and Friday’s from 8-9am, we have worship as a whole campus – students and staff. after worship on those days, we have class until 12:30.

on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, we begin in our classroom at 8am and either have a creative time or small group time and then begin class at 9:30am until 12:30.

Wednesday’s we don’t start until 9:30, which is wonderful. I usually sneak away to my new favorite coffeeshop at 7am and have alone time for a few hours and that’s been new favorite thing to process the week and read or talk with some of the workers for bit.

I usually make FaceTime calls over my lunch hour and talk and eat until 1:30pm.

at 1:30pm every week day, I have my ministry placement for 2 hours. my specific placement is with the Hospitality team. we make beds and prepare rooms for guests arriving on campus or clean their rooms while they stay with us. it’s been such a sweet time for me, one because I am a champ at ironing and folding fitted sheets now, but also just praying over the beds of the guests and really seeing God’s heart for serving us and welcoming all people with open arms.

then from 3:30-5:30pm is free time, and I usually put up my hammy and practice being still.

dinner is at 5:30 and then most nights are free, so I’ll work on homework or hang out with friends then. we do things like: movies (Monday nights are 8$:)), go to The Strand (the beach), Macca’s (McDonald’s) for $1 frozen drinks, or volleyball on campus.

Tuesday nights are our time for Outreach Prep.

Wednesday nights are family nights & we eat dinner together as staff and students and then have worship for an hour.

I just found a sweet church and am going to begin helping with their youth group, which I am so excited for. they meet on Friday nights and have worship and a sermon and it’s for 7th-12th graders. I wanted to get to know community members more, and God opened this door.

oh, I also forgot the most important part of the week, every week day at 10:30am, we have Tea Time and it’s wonderful. they provide snacks and we just hang out for about 20 minutes, everyone on staff and my classmates. love it.

my classmates are more than I could have asked for and I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter who I’m sitting by at dinner or walking with on the way to Macca’s, their stories are incredible their hearts are intentional and they make me laugh and cry at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned so much from them.

the weeks are beginning to go by so so fast and before I know it, we will be going on outreach.

our first outreach will begin on September 16th. we are staying in Australia and the intent is to reach the indigenous people up in northern Australia. I will release more information on my outreach location and what we’ll be doing once it’s solidified. 🙂


I get choked up a bit thinking about the growth and refining that’s happening in my heart. it’s truly so special for me to be here and really process and let my heart be pruned. the big thorns really hurt to deal with initially, and I didn’t want to straight away, but it’s necessary and so refreshing and emotional and so so good.

there is no other one who can make beauty from ashes quite like God can.

I hope y’all got something out of this. there may be more soon or a VLOG on the way.

if you have questions; you can write me a letter (details to come), you can email me (allie.matousek@gmail.com), message me if you have an iPhone or direct message me on any form of social media – if it’s Tuesday, I won’t be on social media, but will get it another time soon-ish, still working on being fully present here, you know:)

I miss you guys.

I am grateful that the people I’m around felt like home so quick, but y’all are my original people (OG’s) and nothing will ever replace my bond with you.


for your Facebook messages, FaceTime calls & prayers – I feel it all. I am so thankful for you all for being with me on this journey. THANK YOU for believing in what God’s is doing through my heart.

I love you.



PS – quality time is my #1 love language, but letters are a close second… 😉

I have re-read letters over and over again and they help my heart and ease the moments when I get homesick.

Allie Matousek 

C/O YWAM Townsville

PO Box 6221

Townsville, QLD 4810 


You Came – Bethel

Daughter – Sleeping At Last

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