outreach #2 – ice cream – the happiest of endings

Well - we are officially finished with the outreach portion of this incredible journey! We have 2 weeks of debrief and then we will all be headed in the different places where God is sending us. Some will stay on staff, some will go onto other YWAM schools to pursue more of who God says…Read more outreach #2 – ice cream – the happiest of endings

growing, stretching + learning to love it all

Hi. It's been awhile, but I hope you enjoy !! Please bear with me if this is too long ... the beginning half is what we did during our time away and the last part is what God taught me through it. My team and I went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for 12 days.…Read more growing, stretching + learning to love it all

(b)e still.

hi friends! you know those awkward moments when all these new people are in a new place, toss in some insecurity and a bit of hesitancy because we're kind of forced, in a way, to be friends... yeah, that never happened. we bonded straight away from the beginning and haven't really turned back. I mean,…Read more (b)e still.

real talk

hi friends, I am overwhelmed and overflowing with all of the support and love from you all as God leads me on this journey. thank you, thank you for being here and loving me so well. I have gone back and forth about what I want this blog to be about and what I would…Read more real talk